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We offer best prices on 2-way radio sales and services. We carry Motorola, Entel, Vertex, Kenwood,  and many other trusted brands. 

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2-Way Radio Communication System installation for warehouses, hotels, villa, ports, wharves, schools, and solutions for your projects or sites. Our team has an extensive knowledge and expertise to provide you with a reliable  radio communication solution.

We offer basic installation up to Motorola's Capacity Max configuration. Our installation, sales, and services  covers the whole Middle East region and North Africa (MENA) excluding embargoed and sanctioned countries.

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Adding new radio units or reprogramming the old ones? 

Our team is more than capable  of programming those frequencies for you. We have  undergone extensive training to make sure that you have the correct frequency settings and configuration of features that you may have missed or may want to enable.

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One of the cruxes that needs to be solved before buying a walkie talkie or portable radio unit. 

Call us to schedule a Demo. Our mileage is high and customer service satisfaction met through our team's recommendation given on-site. 

Take the step forward. Don't keep on thinking if it works or not. 

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Avoid fines and penalties for using 2-Way Radio in the UAE without the proper license to operate. Once caught, it may leave you a big hole in your pocket. 

Why Suffer?

Our team are more than willing to assist you thru the whole process of obtaining the license.  We already assisted hundreds of customers. Call us and talk to us about it.

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